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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Buddy the Elf-What's Your Favorite Color? Or why I shouldn't be allowed unlimited access to sugar...

I love the movie Elf.  And I adore Will Ferrell in the role of Buddy the Elf.  Mainly because, I think we may have been separated at birth.  The childlike delight in small and random things, hyperactivity, love of sugar and different way of approaching things are all traits we have in common.  I crack up every single time I watch it, it never stops being funny to me.  And for my family, they get a kick out of the fact that it takes me a couple of days to come down from my Buddy high.  Apparently, I'm pretty amusing on a sugar rush...

If you read the post in which we went to Cracker Barrel, here is part 2 of that trip (if you didn't, just play along) which illustrates this nicely:

Me:  Are you done eating your pancakes?  Because it would be a shame to let all that syrup go to waste.  I mean, just because I just ate biscuits and honey is no reason good syrup should soak up into pancakes like a sponge!  Mmmmmnnnnn I love maple syrup.  And it's really good with a side of caffeine.

Chloe: Mom, you're a little wired, don't you think you should slow down on the syrup?

Me: MMMMNNNOOOO! Syrup is good!

We finish breakfast and head to pay when I see peppermint straws- gotta have some peppermint straws!!!  Pay for breakfast, two bags of peppermint straws and ooooohhhh- look they have sugar plums!!!  Sugar plums are a total Christmas necessity, right?  Plus, I've never seen them before- have to get em when you see em... OMG that candy dish matches my candlesticks- and it's a lot like the one my Grandma kept her ribbon candy in....RIBBON CANDY, they have RIBBON CANDY!!  It's like a sign- I have to have it!  I wonder if they have that candy mix with the pillow candy and striped candy and the raspberries and flower candies...  Oh, lets go to BA Sweeties, I'll bet they have that!  I'm going to make sugar plums dance in your heads- I can totally do that- I can put them on those headbands that have springs.  What do they call those things again... deely boppers!  I can make you guys sugar plum deely boppers!  So you can have the visions... What do you mean I can't have any more candy, I'm fine!  Better than fine- amazing!  I feel amazing! 

Buddy the Elf- what's your favorite color? ( if you read that last "paragraph" out loud, really fast, you'll share in the experience my family has)

P.S. I had a horrible nauseous stomach ache later, imagine!

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