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Friday, December 30, 2011

OMG y'all- it has TWO sticks of butter!

UPDATED with Results!! (on bottom) 

I love me some Paula Deen.  She's goofy, silly and doesn't care what she looks like stuffing her face on national T.V.  So I really hesitate to write this post, because unlike Tony Bourdain, I don't believe she's the culinary Anti-Christ.  But even I had to pause when I came across this recipe for a baked french toast casserole!  It's a whole loaf of french bread, a bunch of eggs, milk AND cream and then, the topper:  a praline topping containing not one, but TWO sticks of butter, plus brown sugar and corn syrup and pecans.
Did I mention the TWO sticks of butter?   Seriously, I may have a heart attack just watching the video again!  Oh, and don't forget that it then gets drenched in maple syrup.  Buddy the Elf is ecstatic! ( if you haven't read my posts before, Buddy is my alter ego/inner elf that loves sugar beyond reason!)

So of course I'm making this for breakfast while my sister is visiting.  Purely in the name of science and public health- I owe it to mankind to live to tell the tale, right?  Here's a link to the recipe so you can be a public servant too!

TWO sticks of butter y'all!

Okay, we made this for yesterday's breakfast-  verdict?  TOTALLY worth the trip to the ER it will cause from all the butter!  It was possibly the best breakfast I've ever eaten.  We had this with homemade breakfast sausage links from Raddell's sausage shop- also best ever sausage!  We also got Slovenien sausage, smokies and homemade sauerkraut!  Throw the sausage, sauerkraut and a pork roast in the crockpot and have a good New Year feast!  Make mashed potatoes and what do you get?  Two MORE sticks of butter y'all!  And some half and half for good measure.

P.S. I made oil free stir fry with chicken, sugar snap peas and ginger sauce for lunch today...even Buddy the Elf can only take so much!

P.P.S. (on bottom) meant the bottom of the post, but I do believe it is on MY bottom's hard being the love child of Buddy the Elf and Paula Deen!

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  1. Paula Deen may not be the anti-christ, but trust me, that bitch is out to kill EVERYONE! Two sticks, and Maple Syrup? I can see her and satan's minions sitting back, having a giggle and waiting for the strokes to occur.