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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sally Sees Chocolate

Well, I'm finally coming up for air from the five pound box of See's Candies...yeah, you read that right- five freaking pounds of chocolates!  For anyone not familiar with my personal kryptonite, See's Candies are made in San Diego but ships everywhere.  And you can make a custom box of whatever you want.  Really!  If you want a box of only Scotch Mallows, Mayfairs and Butterscotch Squares, you can have it!
(Scotch Mallows are half caramel, half honey marshmallow and covered in chocolate.  Mayfairs are cherry buttercream with chopped cherries and walnuts, covered in chocolate.  Butterscotch Squares are like solid brown sugar and butter covered in chocolate.  So Yummy!)  And lest you think I'm getting paid or somehow otherwise compensated by See's, sadly, no.  But I love their candy so much and love the custom concept so I had to share! 

I love being able to have just what I want- I'm kind of a Sally that way.  You know, like from the movie When Harry met Sally?  I like things how I like them.  And I'm kind of odd, so the way it normally comes is not the way I generally like it.  But I'm really nice when I ask for my customized craziness!  The husband just shakes his head and says, " You are such a Sally!"  Which to me, is a compliment.  And this Sally is swearing off the chocolate...well, it's not all gone yet, maybe just a couple more of those pecan pie truffles!  Seriously, they taste just like pecan pie with whipped cream!  Covered in white chocolate and topped with a whole toasted, salted pecan...they are evil geniuses.

 Sally like!  Also, completely unrelated and random, which is how I roll- how cool is this ring that Chloe Moretz posted on her Twitter?  Thinking about getting for the husband for our vow renewal...

Chewbacca Rules!!


  1. OOOOOoooooohhhhhhhh! I need this ring! My alter ego is Chewbacca, especially during pms!

  2. That is awesome!! We had a Chewbacca and an Ewok on the grooms cake- my husband's the tall one!