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Monday, January 9, 2012

Whoo hoo! Monday Joy for Canadia and all those other awesome countries!

I really ought to change my blog's name to the blogger dork or nerd alert or something else equally expressive of my truly geeked out self.  I'm so excited to see how many hits my blog has and where they are coming from that my family is mocking me.  I check my stats and say things like " I picked up 3 Canadians!"  Which my husband actually heard as "freaking idiots!"  He was two rooms away and just heard wrong, not casting any aspersions on the intelligience of any Canadians.  (Well, there is one who shall remain nameless).  We love Canadians- there are 18 hits from Canadia!  That's what Buddy the Elf junior mini aka my seven year old calls Canada. 

And how excited was I to see 32 hits from Israel!  So cool- people in Israel are reading my blog!  And China, Bulgaria, Russia, Hong Kong!!!  I'm such a geek because I get so, so excited!  And of course, the hundreds of hits from right here in the U.S.A.- it makes me smile and bug my family and I just wanted to say thanks!  I am a big old dork, but thanks for showing up to my joyous nerdfest!


  1. I love your dorky joyous nerdfest!!! Good for you!!!

  2. I'm just catching up and this one actually made me laugh out loud. (You know why) Keep blogging and I'll keep reading!

    1. Awesome! Yes, only a select few would get that- I'm glad you did because that means you're reading! :-) I definitely will keep writing, I can't help myself now!