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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I think I need an Elf-orcism!

So, Buddy has been back for a little while now...

Found this perfect image on msn search and the source is :

If you notice the food group section- candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup you'll know pretty much what I've been eating lately!  My new workplace is a total sugar fest, which is just feeding my inner Buddy and putting him into overdrive!  I have had paczki for a week almost every day! (admittedly, some at home, some at work) Then there's the cookies, cake, cupcakes and candy.  Also, the Valentine's Day cake my lovely husband got me- which is equally delicious for breakfast and a late night snack! 

I am utterly out of control...and I don't seem to be able to rein it back in...I did try yoga yesterday, and lifted some weights, but between that and doing a herkie jump to show my daughter how we did it in the old days, I pulled a muscle in my back.  So the exercise portion of control is out for a few days. So, I really need to start controlling my eating vices, namly the sugar.

 How do I stop the insanity of my Buddy sugar possesion?  I really need an Elf-orcism..anyone have any good tips for getting off the sugar?  Aside from, you know, acting like a grown up and just stopping?  Because the grown up thing?  Not so much!


  1. OUT UNHOLY ELF!!! I tried. But my own inner Elf has binging lately. Yikes! I now have a beer gut. Topped with a muffin top. Very attractive...

    1. having seen your Red Dress picture, I can tell you that is not true!! Unless the dress is really magic, in which case- please send to me!! Because I have Beer Gut, Muffin Top and some Streusal Crumb topping on top of that! And at only 5'2" tall, it really has no place to spread out! Not a pretty sight my friend!

  2. Eat candy until you barf. Nobody wants to eat something they threw up.

    Chloe :) (Her Daughter)