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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Israel?? Is that really you?

Just a short note - because I love to see where people may be reading from and I noticed that Israel has 770 hits on my page this week? Really??!!!! I was shocked and thrilled!!  And curious- my entire blog's history had maybe 200 hits from Israel and now there's 770 this week alone?  Pretty impressive stats you're throwing there... I LIKE it!! Keep talking me up in temple folks! I'll be here all week,  try the beef! 


  1. I get really random locations in my blog stats too. Mostly the Middle East. I am sure that it is not real and is only detecting spammers that go to my site for a millisecond, but I could be wrong. I am no techy.

    1. Yeah, I have no idea- but it's fun to think that someone actually is! I am definitely no techy, I can't even figure out my comments notifications- so sorry so long in replying! :-)